Dreamseed is a full-spectrum arts organization providing a platform from which individuals can develop innate gifts into an abundant livelihood, and step into their power as teachers and leaders in their communities. With a creative emphasis on sustainability, innovation and playfulness, Dreamseed invites us to explore hidden or latent potential within ourselves, our resources and in nature.

The spectrum of arts includes, but is not limited to; visual, performing, auditory, culinary, horticultural, metaphysical,¬†and healing. We are founded on the principle that anything can be considered an art form when it is channeled from a deep love and respect for our life’s work. Dreamseed was founded by two multidisciplinary artists who planted a seed long ago for the dream of offering creative learning and teaching opportunities to the community in a peaceful, natural setting. The collective is rapidly expanding to include others who resonate with our mission, and there is much room to grow.

We invite you to explore this website and discover what we have to offer. The Dreamseed Arts Academy is the educational platform from which classes and workshops are offered. Our Retreat Center provides respite from the high-frequency energies of the city and enables artists and teachers to create, learn and share skills while being inspired and recharged in a lush, green, eco-friendly environment. The Dreamseed Foundation is the basis for our fundraising efforts which support creative individuals as well as enable us to continue developing the academy as a resource for community education in the arts. We will be updating frequently with News about our progress, so please check our blog often.

If you would like to get involved in helping this seed of dreams to grow, please contact us. Specific needs are detailed on the Foundation page, but donations are always welcome and accepted via PayPal to We are applying for non-profit status in 2015 so donations will then be tax-deductible.


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