Ground Zero, soaking the seed

I have been working on this website all day, trying to move it closer to the point where it can be shared. This is not our official website, it is a temporary fix while we work on getting WordPress installed and a custom theme tweaked to our liking. Our permanent site will be located at We will have some stickers and other stuff out in the world with that site on it, so when you see it, you will know that it’s the same crew. I have learned over the years that waiting until you have everything you think you need before moving forward with a project usually leaves you daydreaming about perfection, meanwhile, you are still just sitting in front of a computer with nothing. My new approach is to work with what I have, knowing that it can always be improved upon in the future, many times over if necessary. Everything, including ourselves, is a work in progress.

I believe in the power of visualization as a preliminary stage of making something real. Justin and I envisioned this particular piece of property someday being developed into a retreat center for creative inspiration. It took many years of dreaming and waiting and letting go for us to reach the point we’re at right now, just barely able to pull this off. Between the two of us, we have just enough resources to purchase the land, and we are working on a fundraising campaign and some grant writing to manifest the money we will need to develop it into a fully functional learning and retreat center. We are currently in the “paperwork” stages of the real estate transaction, so in that downtime, we are hard at work visualizing what exactly we intend to create this spring and summer. For me, that looks like developing a graphic identity, branding, logos, color schemes, slogans, organizing from the inside out. That is how I make things real–I literally draw them first, and then project my drawings into reality. Even by writing this blog post I am invoking my intentions, and at the same time, documenting my creative process so it can be repeated and taught to others. I figure, if you’re going to all the trouble of manifesting impossible things, you may as well record what you did so other people can do the same. We need as many impossible things achieved in the world as possible!

So keep an eye on this site. Next, I will be outlining the order of events that will take place once we get the keys to the gate of the new Dreamseed headquarters. Or compound. Village? Campus? Grounds? Still working on naming that. For the moment, I am soaking our seeds, and just noticing that they have softened enough for a sprout to emerge. By tomorrow, we may see some growth.