A Done Deal.


Today is a very auspicious day. 3/13/13. While a new Pope was introduced to the world, Justin and I were signing all the paperwork at the title company. We are now officially ready to rock. There is a lot to do, and we are prioritizing the list right now. This weekend we will be thoroughly cleaning the house and painting. The following week we will begin preparing the garden beds and rebuilding the porch at the head of the garden where we will be germinating the seeds. I am in the meantime looking for a motor home for myself to stay in while I work on the land, since I will not be moving up there until the fall.

It has been very scary for me, giving the majority of my savings to this dream, leaving me very little to live on while I make the transition to full-time dream farmer. A few people have warned me that this is very risky, financially-speaking, and my own mother stopped talking to me because she doesn’t believe this is what my grandparents wanted me to do with my inheritance. I’m not sure why these people can’t see what this country is becoming. It is dominated by corporations and financial interests, from the food supply to medical care to the job market. The banking system is corrupt, the war machine overseas eats up all the money that could be helping people thrive on our own turf. Cancer and Diabetes rates are skyrocketing and few people have any idea that they have invited disease, anxiety and depression into their lives by buying into the processed food industry. This is not living, in my opinion, and we won’t be raising more drones for that machine. It may take a while for us to be self-sufficient with all systems operating 100% sustainably, but we are not expecting anything overnight. Baby steps are good enough. We are all about the learning process. Neither of us has ever done any construction other than a bit of drywall hanging and taping. We are about to dive headfirst into learning the skills that Mother Earth News has been writing about since the 70’s. I keep catching myself recoiling and wanting to go back to where I was before I made this decision, but I am literally being dragged into this future by a force greater than myself–I was destined to become a teacher and community leader from birth. I am too far removed from mainstream American society to ever go back again, because I can see it for what it is: a big joke strewn with veins of lies. I have been living my truth for so long, all I know to do is design a future in which people can freely, fearlessly live their own truths.

So on a lighter note, Dreamseed the visionary retreat center has been born, and Dreamseed the arts academy is in the planning stages, along with Dreamseed Botanicals, which will have its first seeds planted at the Equinox. We need tons of help, so please bookmark this page and check up on what we are working on each week and what we need. Once we have the camping area ready, we will be able to host people for a weekend to help out. I am guessing that will be toward the beginning of May. Over the summer we intend to build a few cottages, composting toilets, a chicken coop, obtain a yurt to use as a meeting space, maybe even build a gypsy wagon. The more hands and donations we have, the more we can accomplish before the rain returns.

Thank you for reading this and for believing in this dream–it’s not just our dream, it’s a dream a lot of people have had for a long time. Many dreamers have mused on what it would be like to have their own land, grow their own food, to be able to create whatever they want to create 24/7. Everyone seems to be talking about it. If you have moved beyond the stage of dreaming and talking and want to start doing, we would love for you to join us. There is a Facebook group I started called Earthship Pirates where you can learn and contribute what you know on topics of sustainable living, homesteading, natural building, alternative energy and more. For now, that is where I am stashing all the links to relevant information about these topics and we welcome your contributions.

In gratitude and service,