This website has been in a deep slumber for over a year and the Facebook page has been getting all the attention. With over 300 followers there, it’s been a lot of work just keeping up with the posts and messages. Since we partnered with the New Earth Nation, people have been contacting us through the Facebook page about visiting Dreamseed, and that has motivated me to pick up where I left off with this website, so i don’t have to feel embarrassed when I tell people there is nothing current on the site.

This is indeed a time of rebirth and regeneration, as spring has come early in the Pacific Northwest. The frogs are singing at night, sometimes even hopping across the road to find mates. The salamanders are waking up and coming out of their hiding places. Deer are out at all hours of the day to nibble on fresh buds and leaves over a month before they normally emerge, and I have to hold myself back on a daily basis from planting any seeds in the garden–we have had snow and ice in March before, so I am not convinced there won’t be another frost that would kill seedlings that sprouted from impatiently-cast seed.

So what we’ve been doing here with this energy of rebirth is purging the land of things that are not useful or in alignment with the vision of a beautiful, inspiring place to be. Some things are being organized and stored, some will be repurposed into art or structures, others donated or discarded if they can’t be repurposed. And at the same time, I myself am doing some internal cleansing by returning to a vegetarian diet and partaking in a 2-month intestinal cleanse. Working on myself in tandem with working on the land is bringing me that much more in tune with my environment. It was during my visioning for the chicken run area that it occurred to me I should be vegetarian for a while, perhaps adopting for the future a diet that only includes animal products that I procure myself directly from animals I raise or steward here. It is far too easy for us to obtain and consume meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. I wish to develop a deeper sense of respect for these animal lives before I indulge as I have been for the past few years. What is being reborn in me as I clear myself of stagnant energy is my gentleness, my subtlety, and the deep reverence I once had for all life forms. It is enhancing the way I interact with plants as well. My cat seems to like me more all of a sudden. 🙂

What lies ahead at Dreamseed is some natural building projects that should be underway by the beginning of May. We are setting aside all the materials for the construction of a composting toilet outhouse, and an earthship-style dwelling that people will be able to stay in when they visit here. There will be 2-3 new Hugelkultur beds and a large keyhole bed in the garden, and we will be attacking the burn pile bit by bit so we can gain access to the prime full-sun location it has occupied for years. The outdoor kitchen will be cleared by the summer (it is currently being used as a workspace for a construction project) so if anyone wants to help put together a community kitchen, please see the page of materials we need. In order to support more visitors and short-term residents here, it is essential that we have a second kitchen and at least one more toilet on the land. If you have experience building with cob, constructing composting toilets, or setting up outdoor kitchens, we need your help this spring!

Also up ahead is the crowdfunding on Kickstarter for the yurt that will become our classroom and community meeting space. It will be furnished with a rocket stove and the lighting will all be solar. This will also serve as sleeping space for guests. The cost of the yurt and platform materials is around $10,000. Some of the perks available to those who donate include handmade goods such as art objects and talismans, personal services, tuition for upcoming classes and workshops, and rental of the facilities. In preparation for this fundraiser, this website is also getting an overhaul, so look for some beautiful changes coming soon.

That’s about all there is to report this time around. We appreciate your patience as Dreamseed has spent a long year dreaming and has suddenly awoken ready to sprout and grow like a wild vine. Now is the time to clear out anything that stands in the way of new growth. I embrace this work with gratitude.


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