Don’t sit and wait!

It’s not enough to dream. We must take action once we have gotten a vision of what we want to create. And in order to take action, we must know where to begin. I have learned that it is far more effective to begin wherever we are and work with what we do have, than it is to sit and wait for the things we think we need in order to get started. Pull the vision from the dreams and make a plan that starts right where you are, moving forward.

It’s not enough to believe. Belief is a slippery slope that can cause us to lose ground and fail to take action that could achieve our goals. When we cling to belief as if it were our savior, we sit and wait for blessings, often missing opportunities to make use of the blessings which have already arrived. Don’t sit and wait. If you must wait for the universe to pass you the ball, at least get up and start running towards the goal. When you do catch that ball, you will be much closer to the goal than you would have been sitting and waiting.

It’s not enough to wish. Wishing is believing in magic without participating energetically. We may not be able to make everything happen with our own power, but to sit and wait for magic to happen is childish. We must participate in summoning what we need by creating something important. Create something important in the world and make yourself more worthy of receiving assistance. No more sitting and waiting. No more wishing. All those pennies I threw in the fountain trying to get a Ballerina Barbie to show up in my life were wasted. I should have tried asking a real human for what I wanted instead of some imaginary being, and saved those pennies to buy it myself if I didn’t get what I asked for.

Oh, and it’s not enough to ask. We must be convincing and make a compelling case for ourselves to prove that we are deserving of receiving what we are asking for. Most people have heard some version of the parable, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever”. Out of pity they might offer up a fish, but keep asking for fish and at some point they will be onto your game and expect you to do your part to solve your own hunger problem. If someone gives you some seeds, you may eat a few to satisfy your immediate hunger. But it is wise to eat only half of your seeds and plant the other half, even if you are still a little hungry. Demonstrate that you are willing to participate in creating something for the future with the things you are asking for, and you will be more likely to receive them. God helps those who help themselves. Learn to fish. Sow your seeds. Ask for help once you have already started. Build your own sail, put the boat in the water, and if you must sit and wait for that wind, try to catch some fish while you’re waiting. 🙂


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