The Dreamseed Academy offers classes, workshops, intensives and teacher training programs with local as well as internationally recognized teachers. We intend to offer classes in a full spectrum of arts and permaculture for all ages and make them accessible, affordable and appealing to a wide demographic of people.

Because we believe that there is “art” to be found in just about everything, the classes we offer will cover a vast range of creative expressions, life skills and healing modalities. Most of the more traditional visual arts classes will be held in our studio building or hot shop, while others may take place outdoors in the field, in the forest, outdoor kitchen area, garden or community house. As we branch out to include more teachers, we may offer some classes offsite at other locations. This is all contingent upon our growth in the coming year, and for the time being, we wish to create with what we already have at our disposal.

There are seven areas of study at the Dreamseed Academy. Descriptions of those areas follow.

Visual/tactile arts




Permaculture & Natural Building


Healing arts


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