The Dreamseed Arts Foundation is a fund that creates scholarship opportunities, provides working artists with the resources they need for community art projects and facilitates ongoing development of the academy. Donations can be made in any amount. We are currently researching grant opportunities, accepting donations via PayPal and will be launching a crowdfunding campaign in the spring of 2015 to purchase a yurt which will be used as a classroom and community meeting space. If you are able to make a donation, you can choose from an extensive list of rewards to thank you for your support. We will be soon be applying for non-profit status so future donations will be tax-deductible. Please contact us if you would prefer to make a non-monetary donation of supplies or services. We have a list of materials we need for construction and prefer to recycle or repurpose rather than purchase new materials. We could also use a lot of help with design and construction–extra hands and work hours are just as valuable to us as cash. When our crowdfunding campaign kicks in, we need as much support as possible with promoting it, so spreading the word about Dreamseed is another easy way to help us out.

As our collective grows, we will have a page on this website of artist bios so you can learn about what each individual artist is working on. Arts patrons may choose to sponsor artists individually for their projects, purchase art/music/products from them, or commission them for private works. Individual artist sponsorships help the Dreamseed collective as well, with a small percentage of the donation going back to the foundation.

Please use the contact link above if you would like to make a donation larger than $500, so we can discuss alternative methods of transferring funds.

Thank you for your support!

Dreamseed Collective


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