Things we need

If you have anything on our list that you would like to donate to the Dreamseed foundation (or barter with us), please contact us. We are in the early building stages right now and need all the help we can get. Scroll all the way down for the list of projects and tasks we need help with. Once our alternative currency has been minted, we will gladly exchange an equivalent amount of coins for your donations of materials or time spent fixing things we already have which aren’t in working condition.

Specifically in need of:

LUMBER–2 x 4, decking, plywood, pressure-treated 4 x 4, fence posts, or anything suitable for building small structures and decks. Also trellis in any size.

CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS–flagstone or other pavers, bricks, masonry piers, cinder blocks, wire fencing, joists, 6-12 gauge Romex (indoor and outdoor), conduit, PVC, hardware (screws, nails, wall & ceiling hooks, push pins), skylights, windows, doors (pre-hung a plus!), concrete mix, lime plaster, portland cement, sand, clay, gravel, tarps, duct tape, light fixtures, house paint, brushes and rollers, drop cloths, heavy gauge extension cords, really anything can be used.

TOOLS (to borrow, rent or keep)— Laser cutter, trencher, generators, welding equipment…make suggestions!

KITCHEN and APPLIANCES–restaurant-grade stainless steel shelving, large plastic cutting boards, propane tanks, spice jars, large mixing bowls, blenders and other small appliances, towels, 5-gallon water bottles

OTHER–small wood stoves, space heaters, propane stoves, solar panels (!) composting toilets, toilet seats, pick-up truck, gravel, soil, sand, clay, shrubs (especially azaleas), vegetable seeds, blueberry bushes and other edible plants, chicken coop or other chicken supplies, solar lights, visionary art posters, handmade outdoor art of any kind, decorative fabrics, clean and dry motor home or trailer, garden sheds, live bamboo, tents, sleeping pads, blankets, sleeping bags, work clothing in all sizes, work gloves, safety glasses, first aid supplies, fire extinguishers, fireplace tools, wooden matches, candles, lanterns, wooden pallets, attractive wooden (natural) fencing, ducks, carpeting and area rugs, folding chairs, lawn chairs, swingset and other playground equipment, shade structures/canopies, tires for our trailer.

ASSISTANCE (project-based)– Fixing lawnmowers and weed wackers, cutting up fallen trees with a chainsaw, chopping firewood, building small staircase, wooden deck for hot tub, rebuilding a porch including a glass roof, building new garden beds, pressure-washing glass rooftops and exterior of house, painting exterior of buildings, various electrical and plumbing tasks, restoring trails, chipping wood for trails and camping area, help with sorting, composting, chipping, burning an enormous pile of wood, construction of tiny houses, cob houses and other natural dwellings, digging out a pond and stream to channel flooded areas, construction of gypsy wagon, planting shrubs, redesigning meditation garden, various hole digging, chicken coop and run construction, fence installation, FUNDRAISING.


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